"The Little Red Food Trailer"

Buy 4 bottles for $20: Two Kick Ash and Two Sweet Ash

Our very own "Kick Ash Sauce" made it all the way to Kansas City, MO and The American Royal, "Best Sauce on the Planet Contest for 2017".  Last year, we won 10th place overall and 4th in our category...

THIS YEAR: Smokin Pigs Ash won

5th place (!!) out of 606 teams from 43 states and 13 countries.

2nd place out of 145 teams in its category of Hot-Tomato

$6 for 12 oz. bottle of Kick Ash Sauce

PROUDLY SERVING hot fresh smoked MEAT and delicious homemade sides!

BIG NEWS  from the 2017 American Royal Barbecue Sauce Contest!!


$6 for 12 oz. bottle of Sweet Ash Bourbon

Our Sauces are here! 

Our 12 ounce bottles of our amazing Kick Ash BBQ and Sweet Ash Bourbon sauces have arrived!  It is everything you would want in a barbecue sauce. They will be for sale at our trailer for $6 and in a three locations in Marietta: The Cook's Shop, Huck's Market and Country Store and Weber's Market.

Want more information? Contact us here on our contact page or head to our Facebook page for more information.



It is a tangy Honey Mustard-style BBQ sauce.